This section of the RMN Kids site carries information for children, teachers, and parents on tips and tricks that they can use for effective management of various day-to-day activities.

How To Section

How To Section

How to Lower the Risk for Childhood Asthma – Eliminating triggers like secondhand smoke is the key to managing childhood asthma and reducing the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Asthma symptoms.

Tips for Safe Holiday Season – A new campaign’s goal is to raise awareness of the importance of holiday safety and make sure parents know valuable holiday safety information. Safety guidelines.

How to Protect Kids from Perils of Social Networking – As social networking use is increasing among children, parents must be worried about their online safety. So, organizations world over are offering solutions for parents to ensure cyber protection of their kids. Options for parents.

How to Use Your Medicines Wisely – When medications are used incorrectly, they can cause serious injuries, even death. Many of these injuries can be prevented. How? Read it here.

Teens and STDs: What Parents Need to Know – Parents can help slow the rise in STD rates by talking to teens about STDs, STD prevention and the importance of STD testing — but first they need to have the facts. Here are the facts.

Teaching Responsible Phone Use to Children – An educational campaign that addresses teen mobile phone misuse and provides parents with valuable resources so they can teach responsible phone use to their children. What they need to do.

What Parents Must Do for Their School Kids – Here is an advice to parents on how to help children of all ages prepare for the new school year. Advice.

How to Talk to Kids about Disasters – Talking to children about tragedy is a job most parents would love to avoid. However, here are eight ways to make a tough job a little bit easier. Start by listening.

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