All Equal: Hollister's 2015 Anti-Bullying Campaign

All Equal: Hollister’s 2015 Anti-Bullying Campaign

Abercrombie & Fitch Co.’s Hollister brand announced Tuesday its 2015 anti-bullying campaign, All Equal.

In partnership with indie-pop siblings, Echosmith, known for their hit single, ‘Cool Kids’, the program helps increase anti-bullying awareness.

Now in its third year, the campaign aims to reach more than 1 million middle and high school students around the world this year.

Since launching the initiative in 2013, the company says it has donated more than $400,000 to supporting causes, reached over 750,000 students and awarded scholarships to 20 deserving students.

“Many of our customers are affected by the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have,” said Fran Horowitz, brand president of Hollister. “We are passionate about supporting this cause. Our goal in bringing the All Equal campaign to schools is not only to raise awareness, but to provide students with the tools and resources they need to stand up against bullying.”

The campaign features an educational video and peer-to-peer curriculum developed by anti-bullying expert and clinical psychologist, Dr. Joel Haber. The video and curriculum are being distributed to more than 20,000 schools around the United States, providing students with the tools they need to prevent and overcome bullying.

The program is designed to promote inclusivity and respect, and teaches students to take a stand against bullying and cyberbullying in their schools.

“Most people struggle to fit in and feel like outsiders at some point in their lives, which is why we joined this campaign and what inspired our song ‘Cool Kids’,” said Sydney Sierota, lead singer of Echosmith.

“Anti-bullying is a cause that’s close to our hearts and we’re excited to work with Hollister to raise awareness around this important issue. To us, anti-bullying is about self-acceptance and love for others, and we hope that through this campaign and our music, people find inspiration in these messages.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is a leading global specialty retailer of casual apparel for men, women, and kids.

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