Little Inu

Little Inu

A baby dinosaur has been spotted throughout Hawaii in recent weeks, captivating locals and tourists alike. The dinosaur, dubbed “Little Inu” by experts at Chicago-based Senario, seems to thrive in the tropical setting and has become so popular, families worldwide are seeking to befriend him, informs Senario.

But is Little Inu a real dinosaur?

“Little Inu is as close to a real baby dinosaur as today’s technology allows,” says Mike Nakamura, founder and CEO of Senario. “With a variety of vocalizations and realistic movements, he is a remarkably lifelike robotic pet that sparks children’s imaginations and provides them with a never-before-possible friendship opportunity — how many kids can say they have a pet dinosaur?”

Little Inu

Little Inu

Senario brings its interactive expertise to a new kind of pet. “Little Inu is believable,” says Nakamura. “His skin feels like real reptile skin — but unlike other dinosaur toys, he’s sweet-natured, tapping into a child’s nurturing side.”

Retailing for $149.99, Little Inu comes with a rechargeable battery, a charger and two of his favorite goodies: An interactive coconut provides Little Inu’s favorite drink — he recognizes the coconut and sips from it. And taro is Little Inu’s favorite food. Included with the dinosaur pet is his own taro root — he will nibble and munch at it when it’s placed near him.

Additional accessories are available, retailing between $9.99 and $19.99. Interactive accessories include a fun lava ball, a catnip-like ti leaf and an intriguing preemie glow egg.

Plush accessories include Inu’s special native doll, a cool squid toy, three colorful ‘lil fishes and a cozy leaf nest.

Little Inu is available in Hawaii at Thinker Toys (Oahu), Maui Ocean Center (Maui), Giggles (Kuaui), Magic Dragon (Big Island), and for the mainland exclusively at select online retailers, including,,,, and more.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Woodstock, Ill., Senario creates products and brands for consumer electronics, entertainment and publishing. The company also distributes in over 40 countries.

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