Safer Learning Planned for Children Caught in Syrian Conflict

Safer Learning Planned for Children Caught in Syrian Conflict

The German Government’s contribution of €250 million this year will reach millions of children caught in conflict, UNICEF said Tuesday.

The funds will support UNICEF’s programs for children and families in the most volatile regions of the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. Support will also be given to Syrian refugee children living in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

The €250 million contribution this year is an increase of €100 million that the German Government provided to UNICEF last year.

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The international community must do everything to stop the inconceivable suffering and injustice that people in emergency countries are experiencing each day. The upcoming winter makes their situation even more unbearable. They are the future, they need perspectives, food, medical assistance and education,” said Minister Mr. Gerd Mueller.

Our experience in the cooperation with UNICEF shows us that assistance is reaching the children in a fast and non-bureaucratic way. We therefore will implement parts of our winter package together with UNICEF.”

The support comes at a time when approximately 246 million children are living in conflict affected regions around the world. More than 10 million of these children are from two of countries – Iraq and Syria.

[ Safer Learning Planned for Children Caught in Syrian Conflict ]

The funding comes at the right time when there is so much need for securing adequate education, health and WASH services to the children in Syria and neighboring countries. For example: over 70 per cent of the population inside Syria depend on UNICEF providing safe drinking water,” Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria, said in Berlin.

The German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has a long history of providing UNICEF with critical support for its operations. Last year Germany was the fourth largest government donor to UNICEF globally.

Photo courtesy: UNICEF

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