Hatch English Language Learners Software for Preschool

Hatch English Language Learners Software for Preschool

Hatch, Inc., a leading provider of educational technology and classroom materials for early childhood, announces new Shell Squad Adventures – Dual Language software for preschool classrooms.

Young English Language Learners (ELL) advance through 18 learning games and earn hidden rewards as they develop early literacy and math skills in Spanish, while at the same time acquiring Kindergarten readiness skills in English.

This is the only known technology product for early childhood that simultaneously monitors progress while ELL students play, provides data-based insight into their progress in early literacy and math skill development, while maintaining and developing their home language of Spanish,” said Ginny Norton, Hatch president.

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The translation of the English version of Shell Squad Adventures into Spanish uses directly translated words and authentic photographs, ensuring that the games in each language are equitable. A certified bilingual speech language pathologist recorded the audio to ensure correct pronunciation.

The Dual Language Center in the Hatch Reporting System presents teachers with live reports that show a child’s progress in Spanish alongside his progress in English.

Teachers can share the reports with parents to demonstrate Kindergarten readiness skill acquisition in English as well as development of their Spanish language skills.

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