Raman’s Tech Tale Series

Raman’s Tech Tale Series

Raman’s Tech Tale Series
Knowledge Stories for Children

Raman’s Tech Tale Series is an innovative storybook concept that aims to educate children in the high-tech area of information and communications technology (ICT) through interesting stories.

Keeping in view today’s need to give technology orientation to children, a little technology element is introduced in the stories. These books not only help children, but they also make it simpler for parents and teachers to impart tech education to the young learners.

These are normal stories originally written for children’s edutainment (education and entertainment). Without confusing the child, the technology element is kept in the background.

The idea is to make the children curious to learn more about the tech aspects of life as they grow. Since the content mainly targets children in the age group of 6 – 12 years, the language used is quite simple to understand. Also, with a view to make the stories exciting, the environment in each story is presented through colourful illustrations.

Each book in the series will also act as a catalyst to achieve the larger objective of ‘bridging the digital divide.’ As efforts are being made all over the world to take the technology benefits to the masses or the underprivileged sections of society, these books will empower people to take a step in that direction. The books will also supplement the conventional technology education in various schools.

At present, the books are being published in the English language. However, depending on the demand, they will be translated in other languages also. (Hindi translation is available for online readers.)

A hallmark of the books in this series is that they can be adapted for stage shows by children, TV programmes for children, and short-format movies.

The present book covers technology applications such as satellite communications, electronic mail, computer-based surveillance, video conferencing, computer simulation, digital walk-through, video-on-demand, Internet chat, robotics and e-learning.

We hope that our pioneering attempt to produce this educative literature for children will be suitably encouraged by teachers as well as parents. And our books in this series will be introduced in schools as an important knowledge resource for children.

All books in the Raman’s Tech Tale Series are equally useful for children in all parts of the world.

The following stories are reproduced with Hindi translation for online readers. These stories in Hindi will be particularly useful for Indian students, teachers, and parents who want to understand various applications of computer technology in Hindi language.

Here are the stories:

1. The Flying Letter – उड़ता हुआ पत्र

2. The Sick Queen – बीमार रानी

3. Sitavan and the Hunters – सीतावन और शिकारी

4. The King’s Justice – राजा का न्याय

5. Fly in the Sky – आसमान में उड़ो

6. The Dream Town – सपनों का नगर

7. Fun in the Forest – जंगल में आनंद

8. Chat with a Difference – अलग तरह की बातचीत

9. Ghost and the Pumpkins भूत और कद्दू

10. The Jungle Schools  जंगल के स्कूल

Parents and teachers are requested to introduce these stories for kids in homes and schools. You can contact us if you want to buy printed copies of the books.

Concept and Stories by Rakesh Raman

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