TuTiTu Channel on YouTube

TuTiTu Channel on YouTube

TuTiTu, a YouTube channel for young children, has announced the launch of a new “parents’ area” on its website. The launch of the new website area marks the brand’s attempt to step up its community building efforts.

The “parents’ area” will include parenting articles, craft ideas for toddlers, and educational activities inspired by the TuTiTu video series. Channel creators, who are themselves parents, are hoping the new area will provide fans with ways to maximize the educational benefits of the TuTiTu video series.

TuTiTu’s “parents’ area” will also include a quotes gallery, where fans can enjoy and share illustrated quotes about kids, parenting, education, and life.

Additionally, visitors to the website will be able to communicate directly with the brand, comment on the articles, ask questions, share their own ideas, and give creators feedback.

The TuTiTu YouTube channel, produced by “Twist Animation” since 2010, features 3D-animation videos for kids, happy sing-along songs, and a language learning series for toddlers.

TuTiTu’s 3D-animation toddler videos are available in 15 languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, Arabic, and more.

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