Waterford Early Learning

Waterford Early Learning

Waterford Institute announced Monday another platform for Waterford Early Learning, this time on iPad.

Utilizing the widely accepted Apple iPad in schools across the U.S., the Waterford Early Learning (WEL) curriculum is optimized for touch and set to release this summer in time for back-to-school training.

Waterford has enhanced nearly 8,000 dynamic learning activities, including new activities, to take advantage of iPad’s mobile and touch capabilities and to provide early learners with developmentally appropriate curriculum.

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“Waterford Early Learning for iPad provides a multi-sensory learning experience based on a curriculum that is proven effective among early learning students in schools across the country,” said Benjamin Heuston, Ph.D., president and COO of Waterford Institute.

Waterford Early Learning for iPad is a research-based early learning curriculum delivered through personalized learning software and teacher resources. It is designed to help all children build the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

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It individualizes three years of complete reading, math and science to meet each child’s unique learning needs. Students use an adaptive learning sequence of engaging activities, songs and books designed by educators.

Web-based management tools allow teachers to seamlessly integrate WEL into any classroom via desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks and iPads.

Waterford Institute is a nonprofit research center that creates personalized cloud-based instruction through curriculum, content and assessment for children aged pre-K to 2nd grade.

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