Amway One by One Campaign

Amway One by One Campaign

The Amway One by One Campaign for Children is marking its 10th anniversary with an accomplishment – helping 10 million children live better lives, according to the company.

In 2003, Amway chose to focus its charitable efforts on the single global social cause of helping children live better lives by harnessing the power of interpersonal and business relationships made possible by Amway distributors and employees.

“Amway distributors and employees around the world have achieved the incredible milestone of positively impacting the lives of 10 million children,” said Steve Van Andel, Amway chairman. “Amway people are truly remarkable and we are impressed and humbled by their gifts of time and talent to help children live better lives.”

The Campaign’s focus has been to help children in need. The work includes providing kitchen facilities to help prepare nutritional meals to children in rural China, supporting welfare centers in South Korea and building homes for families in Latin America.

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Amway people have given life-saving immunizations to children in Africa and funded life-changing medical programs in Asia. Children with disabilities are able to compete in sports thanks to programs supported by Amway volunteers in the US and Russia.

Amway distributors and employees provide books to libraries in remote areas in Thailand and South Africa. They have made play possible by sponsoring afterschool programs and building playgrounds throughout North America and Europe, says Amway.

Amway is one of the world’s top direct selling businesses.

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