BrightLink for Education

BrightLink for Education

Leading projector brand Epson is offering a complete line of short throw and ultra-short throw interactive BrightLink projectors. Its six models offer an interactive projector + pen combination with connectivity options to project onto any existing whiteboard, wall or other smooth, light-colored, hard surface.

Epson’s three ultra-short throw BrightLink models offer dual pen interactivity. These are interactive projectors with built-in annotation technology that allows teachers and students to instantly interact directly with a projected image from a variety of devices beyond the PC, including tablets, Blu-ray players, VCRs, document cameras, and more.

With the new ultra-short throw BrightLink 475Wi, 480Wi and 485Wi models, teachers are free to connect existing multimedia devices already in their classroom, over their network or even PC-free and keep writing.

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Epson’s three short throw models – the BrightLink 425Wi, 430i and 435Wi – come with an included wall mount and two interactive pens and deliver a large interactive learning area at a fraction of the cost of traditional interactive whiteboard systems with variable image sizes from 68-inches to 113-inches diagonal (WXGA) or 63-inches to 106-inches diagonal (XGA).

“Epson saw the limitations of interactivity driven only by the computer, as well as the massive amounts of content and devices being used by teachers, and we worked to bridge the divide,” said Claudine Wolas-Shiva, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc.

“With these new ultra-short throw BrightLink models, we are allowing teachers to interact and annotate with content from virtually any device in the classroom, and easily switch sources quickly to keep the lesson going, all without losing the opportunity to get their students interacting.”

The entire Epson BrightLink series includes HDMI connectivity and delivers a range of color and white light output lumens, sizes, features and interactivity functionality to meet a variety of classroom installation needs.

The new Epson BrightLink projectors will be available in spring 2012 through select dealers on a state-by-state basis. The new range of projectors was introduced today, Feb. 8.

Photo courtesy: Epson

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