Beatus Mobile Apps to Teach Times Tables and Vocabulary

Beatus Mobile Apps to Teach Times Tables and Vocabulary

Korean educational mobile application development company Beatus has released mobile applications “Multiplication Table Fighter” and “Kids Maze ABC”.

Multiplication Table Fighter – Times Tables is an educational app for kindergarteners and lower graders in elementary school that can help them learn times tables in an interesting and accurate way, says the company.

Teaching times tables to children can be quite boring these days because methods are limited to singing or playing simple games, or just memorizing, Beatus believes.

However, it says, Multiplication Table Fighter adds a touch of competition to approach children in a fun and easy way. By having a competition with others to solve the problem first, children can gain flexibility and ability to concentrate at the same time.

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Kids Maze ABC is an educational service for preschoolers and lower graders in elementary schools for learning English vocabulary related to animals through enjoying a maze game.

Instead of finding English hard to learn, children can approach English by a fun and easy method using the form of a maze game.

The main character Vito travels the island composed of several themes, taking pictures of animals and looking at English vocabulary lists supported with voices of native speakers.

Also by saving the English vocabulary lists and images of the animals they gained through exploring the island in their album, children can continuously review the content. Children can improve concentration skills and problem solving abilities while learning English through this app, suggests the company.

“Multiplication Table Fighter and Kids Maze ABC have been recognized in Korea, and we are very pleased to release them in Japan,” says the Beatus mobile division marketing chief. “Children can learn times tables and English vocabulary in a more easy and effective way using our mobile apps.”

Multiplication Table Fighter and Kids Maze ABC are available on iOS and Android devices.

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