British Council Partners with Schools in India

British Council Partners with Schools in India

The British Council, UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities in partnership with various schools across the country, is organising a week-long series of events around school education.

The ‘Schools Week’ began Wednesday with the launch of the British Council’s ‘Generation UK India Teaching Assistants Programme.’

The ‘Schools Week’ will witness discussions on ‘Unlocking a world of potential: Core skills for learning, work and society’ by industry experts.

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Rob Lynes, Country Director British Council India and the Deputy High Commissioner, Andrew Soper addressed the teaching assistants and set the ball rolling for the programme.

British Council believes that in today’s knowledge economy and unpredictably fast changing world, schools need to change and adapt the new pedagogical techniques to enhance the learning outcomes in the classrooms.

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National Policy in Education (NPE) drafted in 1986 and revised in 1992 also underlines the fact that to meet the challenges of time, education system should grow. The Government of India is carrying out a consultation exercise currently as it moves towards drafting a new National Education Policy.

Generation UK-India programme aims at creating opportunities for young people in the UK to undertake cultural immersion placements, teaching assistantships, and work placements.

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Over the next five years, the British Council will work with partners to support up to 25,000 young people and professionals from the UK to gain study and work experience in India.

Objectives of Generation UK-India Programme:

  • Promote India as a destination to gain study and work experience
  • Offer mutually beneficial placements that will give UK young people the chance to develop employability skills and support the internationalisation of Indian companies
  • Build a network of talented and ambitious young people from the UK who will form a future workforce ready to work with India and Indian companies
  • Build deeper, wider and stronger understanding between India and the UK

The British Council was established in India in 1948. It is recognised across India for its network of 9 libraries and cultural centres.

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