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RMN Kids

This section of the RMN Kids site is exclusively for school children. Here, they can show their creative work like paintings, poems, stories, etc. to others.

Besides, here we are also offering our KidComm service.

Art of Communications with KidComm

In today’s competitive world, the traditional educational methods used by schools to impart conventional education to children are not enough to help them compete in the modern knowledge-driven environment.

Most schools are neither fully equipped nor inclined to go beyond run-of-the-mill classroom teaching. As a result, even after attending the best schools, most students lack awareness on how to follow the right career paths. Since parents are fully dependent on schools teachers, they are not able to guide their children properly.

So…children suffer.

There is an immediate need to introduce supplementary educational streams in schools to provide complete education to children with a view to prepare them for a successful future and a better quality of life.

With the objective to provide high-quality education to children, we – at RMN Company – have decided to go beyond the classroom books. While we believe that there are many aspects of modern teaching and learning, we begin with the most important of them all. And it is: COMMUNICATIONS.

We believe that even after getting best of the degrees, most students are not able to perform well in their careers because they lack communication skills. You will agree that communication skills are not about language alone. Rather, it is a combination of observation, analysis, and expression that helps a child get complete communication skills – for reading, speaking, talking, and writing.

While communications education should begin very early in a child’s education program in schools, it helps them in their entire education lifecycle and later in their careers. It is also believed that students and professionals with better communication skills are always more confident about themselves and progress faster than others in their lives and careers.

With a strong belief in the power of communications, RMN Company has devised a structured communications methodology to offer communications education to school children.

It will be delivered under our brand name – KIDCOMM – through RMN Kids service. It will be a part of our “Creative Kids” program.

The main modules of this service are:

  • Observation Fundamentals
  • Information Analysis
  • Communications Classification
  • Modern English-language Skills
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Debating Skills
  • Identification of Target Audience
  • One-to-One and One-to-Many Forms of Communication
  • Creative Writing
  • Social Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • Content Creation and Communications in Specialized Fields

The KidComm methodology is developed by the RMN Company’s Chief Dreamer, Rakesh Raman, who has been an award-winning journalist and writer.

The KidComm service is for school children of any age. You may please contact us for details. Contact by E-mail

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