The Twin Chefs

The Twin Chefs

Fresh from its national debut in December, Cuties California Clementines and Mandarins announces that ten-year-old spokes-chefs Audrey and Lilly Andrews – also known as The Twin Chefs – are the official spokes-chefs for the brand’s coast-to-coast unveiling.

The cute culinary duo will visit Atlanta and Chicago to help spread the word about healthy cooking and showcase their impressive culinary talents. The kid-friendly, easy-to-peel, seedless fruit became available in December, and California natives Audrey and Lilly, who grew up eating Cuties, are excited and prepared to share their delicious Cuties-inspired recipes with the masses.

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“We love cooking with Cuties because they’re healthy, packed with flavor and really make our dishes pop!” said Audrey. “We’re so excited to share our Cuties-inspired recipes and help families make healthy food with a kid twist,” added sister Lilly.

The Twin Chefs have been cooking alongside their parents in Sonoma, California since they were just four years old and rose to stardom when they began posting their cooking videos online.

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“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Audrey and Lilly as our spokes-chefs for Cuties,” says Marc Seguin, VP of Marketing for Cuties.

“The passion these talented young ladies have for cooking and healthy eating is something that is also very close to the heart of the Cuties brand. We want all families to enjoy the benefits of our healthy and kid-friendly snack.”

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Inspired by the Twin Chefs and other adorable online kid videos, Cuties has also introduced a new, interactive website created especially for kids and proud parents to celebrate the cute things kids do.

According to Cuties, the site ( showcases parent-uploaded videos and pictures featuring kids doing what they do best: having fun, acting silly and of course, being oh-so adorably cute.

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