Actress Debra Messing

Actress Debra Messing

Leading online marketplace, eBay, has unveiled The Give-A-Toy Store in New York and San Francisco to allow shoppers to donate toys via their mobile devices. The holiday storefronts benefit Toys for Tots and feature interactive displays of popular toys such as teddy bears and trains that represent donation amounts from $2 to $25.

Window shoppers can download the eBay mobile app to scan QR codes on virtual price tags, which triggers the toys to animate and “come to life.” As donations are made to Toys for Tots, the virtual toys celebrate and express their gratitude.

The Give-A-Toy Store

The Give-A-Toy Store

Actress Debra Messing joined eBay to launch The Give-A-Toy Store in New York City. A Give-A-Toy Store also opened in San Francisco. Both locations will be open for enjoyment and charitable window shopping through December 9th.

Shoppers can also make donations by visiting Facebook users are invited to interact with the Give-A-Toy Store on Facebook, through the Build a Toy campaign that allows fans to customize a virtual toy at And eBay will donate $1 for every toy customized, up to $50,000.

Powered by eBay mobile and designed by eBay’s ad agency, Venables Bell & Partners, The Give-A-Toy Store brings to life eBay’s on-the-go shopping experience. The eBay mobile app lets consumers scan and shop anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

In the picture above: Debra Messing joins eBay and Toys for Tots to launch The Give-A-Toy Store in Herald Square, NYC.

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