Lenovo Tablets

Lenovo Tablets

Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI), an annual initiative that brings together students and government leaders globally to address world issues, recently deployed 65 tablets for its elite youth participants.

Students will use the devices to help them stay connected, track project progress and record their experiences as they address current, pressing energy issues through field studies and community services.

Personal technology company Lenovo announced Monday that students in SGLI program are using Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Tablet to help them impact their world.

“Through generous support from the Education Research Initiative (a partnership of Lenovo, Intel and Microsoft), SGLI students are able to embrace innovative mobile technologies as an essential component in building a global community of youth leaders dedicated to positive change,” said Jim Scott, president of the Punahou School, host of the Student Global Leadership Institute.

Students are using the IdeaPad K1 Tablets for education, not just for play with apps like Angry Birds and Facebook.

Following last week’s group program at Punahou, where they met with government leaders including U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu and Hawaii Lt. Governor Brian Schatz, students returned to their home schools with the technology tool to help them conduct social action and community service projects around energy conservation, says Lenovo.

They’re already using apps like eBuddy Messenger and Documents to Go to share data and insight with their program peers in real time, according to the company.

“SGLI fosters the same type of ‘do’ culture we strive to cultivate at Lenovo,” said Michael Schmedlen, director of worldwide education, Lenovo.

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