Spell Bees Contest

Spell Bees Contest

Oakridge International School announced today the Season II of Grand Spell Bees Contest.

Children of ages 7 to 10 years will contest for Junior Spell Bees title and 11 to 14 years contest for the Senior Spell Bees title.

Prelims, Semi Finals and the Grand Finale will be conducted on the same day of 19th Oct., 2014 from 10 AM onwards at Oakridge Bengaluru Sarjapur Road.

As the day ends, winners of the contest will take away learning gadgets and the Spell Bee Champ title.

The highlight of the Spell Bees Contest is the 90-day Word Journey initiative by Oakridge International School.

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The 90-Day Word Journey initiative by Oakridge aims to instill the habit of learning new words among the children. The initiative starts the day after the event (Oct. 20th) and continues for 90-days, where Oakridge will send 3 words per day to parent and children, to learn, thus improving their word skills.

“The activity spell bee nurtures the child’s love towards language, thereby building their word power at an earlier age,” said Arjun Rao, principal, Oakridge International School, Bengaluru Campus.

Oakridge Spell Bees Contest will be conducted at Visakhapatnam and Chandigarh cities on Nov. 2nd and Dec. 7th respectively.

For details of the contest, you can go to the Oakridge website.

Photo courtesy: Oakridge

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