Hasbro Play-Doh Touch App Comes for Creative Kids

Hasbro Play-Doh Touch App Comes for Creative Kids

Global play and entertainment company Hasbro, Inc. will debut the Play-Doh Touch app and the Play-Doh Touch Shape To Life Studio set exclusively at Apple Stores around the world.

The app, available for iPhone and iPad, and product work together for an interactive physical and digital play experience that brings Play-Doh creations to life in an immersive virtual Play-Doh world.

Kids can amplify classic Play-Doh playtime by sculpting their own creations and creating unique, magical worlds with the Play-Doh Touch Shape To Life Studio set.

It includes character stampers, action stampers, cutters, tools, Play-Doh compound, and a Shape To Life Studio set.

Here’s how to bring sculpts to life with the Play-Doh Touch app on iPhone and iPad:

Shape: Use the stampers, cutters and tools or shape your own Play-Doh creation.

Scan: Bring your creation to life by scanning it into the Play-Doh Touch app.

Explore: Interact with your creation, create new friends that will unlock unique worlds and personalities, and add fun effects to make your creation dance, spin and float.

Repeat: Keep shaping and scanning more Play-Doh creations to customize and enhance your world!

Play-Doh Touch is the newest offering in the brand’s collection. It encourages an intuitive creative flow that seamlessly loops between shaping physically and exploring digitally.

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