Tree Story

Tree Story

Most people overlook the importance of trees to human health and happiness. Trees improve air quality, moderate climate, reduce storm water runoff, harbor wildlife, and beautify our neighborhoods – all vital to keeping our ecosystems and our communities alive and prosperous.

Trees are critical to planet and human health, and now everyone can help plant trees just by playing a fun mobile game called Tree Story on Android and iOS. The game is being offered by Zig Zag Zoom (Z3), a mobile game publisher based in Los Angeles, CA.

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The experience invites players to nurture virtual pet trees that translate to the planting of real trees globally. Tree Story is an easy way for mobile players to Have Fun and Do Good at the same time!

A video, with voice over by Ed Begley Jr., can explain this experience better than words.

“I have long known the importance of preserving and improving our environment, which is why I am excited to support a mobile game that plants real trees,” said Ed Begley, Jr., actor and environmental activist. “Tree Story introduces the importance of trees to the next generation of environmentalists.”

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