Children at RMN Foundation School

Children at RMN Foundation School

The ‘Friends of the Future’ school being run by the RMN Foundation in New Delhi announced its monthly test result for the month of May 2016 on Sunday.

Based on RMN Foundation’s Constructive Education Framework, the test was conducted last week in three subjects: English, Arithmetic, and Technology. You can see the test paper here.

Pooja – who is a brilliant student – stood first in the class by scoring 91% marks. She believes in working hard and wants to progress in her life and career.

RMN Foundation

Among its objectives, RMN Foundation strives to build sustainable resources to allow underprivileged sections of our society to stand up with full dignity and join the mainstream. The current focus of RMN Foundation is to empower poor and disadvantaged children by providing them the best possible education.

In this direction, the Foundation has opened a free school to provide modern education to poor children in New Delhi.

However, this model of education is very slow, tardy, and ineffective, as the parents of children who attend RMN Foundation school are not quite interested in their education. Most parents discontinue their children’s education and push them into low-wage employment or early marriage shackles.

In the absence of educational culture at their homes and because of utterly abusive education system in the government schools of India, most such students keep loitering in dirty streets and fall victim to bad habits such as drug abuse, theft, eve-teasing, scuffles, and so on.

RMN Foundation has failed to persuade these children and their parents to take interest in the meaningful education that the Foundation imparts to help the children get adequate knowledge and respectable jobs in the modern world.

In order to overcome this challenge, RMN Foundation plans to immediately set up residential schools for orphaned and abandoned children to provide them contemporary education that could help them build their careers in the increasingly competitive world.

Announcement: If you know some orphaned or abandoned children who can join the RMN Foundation’s proposed residential schools, please contact the RMN Foundation’s founder Rakesh Raman. You also can know more about him at this link.

RMN Foundation aims to open at least 1,000 residential schools for over 100,000 students by the year 2020.

RMN Foundation is registered as an educational and public charitable Trust with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi at New Delhi, India. You can get more information about RMN Foundation at its website.

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