Poor Children in India. Photo: Rakesh Raman / RMN News Service

Poor Children in India. Photo: Rakesh Raman / RMN News Service

How to Control Population in India: Article by Imrana

Young student Imrana argues that population is increasing in India because of illiteracy.

The population of our country is 1.3 billion or 130 crores. The population is very high because most of the people are uneducated in India. This fact is shown in the HDI of India which is 130 in the world. HDI stands for Human Development Index.



Why is population increasing? Population is increasing because of illiteracy. As most of the people are uneducated, they are producing children haphazardly. Since some people need boys, they keep trying for boys after girls are born in their homes.

Others produce more children because they get everything free through government dole. More family members will get more benefits from the government.

Government has no money except the tax money. The people who work in the private and government jobs give tax to the government. If they do not give tax money to the government, our country will not run properly. Government uses tax money to provide support to a large dependent population of India. That’s why our country is poor. 

But we can control population in India. In China, for example, people produce one or two children. In India also, people should not produce more than two children. We should bring the birth rate to zero. That means people who are born in a period of time, should be equal to the people who die.

Since most of the people are uneducated, they do not know how to control population in India. We can spread awareness through slogans like “हम दो, हमारा एक” or “We two, ours one.”

Thus, we can try to reduce the population. If India has to come in the category of developing countries, it will have to reduce its population.

The writer of this article Imrana (pictured above) is a 12-year-old girl student who has been studying at the RMN Foundation free school for deserving children in Dwarka, New Delhi for the past 4 years. She also participates regularly in the education awareness and environment protection campaigns that RMN Foundation runs in Delhi. 

This article is also published in the Young Learner news magazine that covers issues related to international school education.

RMN Kids invites school students, teachers, and parents to contribute their opinion articles, news stories, and information on the education programs in their schools for publication on our news site and the Young Learner news magazine.


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