My BabyTV Channel

My BabyTV Channel

BabyTV, a baby and toddler channel from FOX Networks Group, launches today a new feature on its BabyTV Video app. Now, subscribers can create their own playlist and be in charge of their children’s viewing experience.

The new feature, called ‘My BabyTV Channel’, allows parents to select or download their favorite shows, songs and rhymes and curate a channel of any duration under one place, all at the touch of a button and still completely ad-free for uninterrupted enjoyment.

Moms, dads, and grandparents now have quick and customizable access to BabyTV’s library, in a move that combines on-demand with personalization.

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“Following the success of our ‘BabyTV Video’ App, we wanted to provide families with a more colorful, interactive, fun and easier user experience. Our teams have worked hard to provide users with one universal app that works across related devices,” says Gali Lulavi, head of Digital Media.

BabyTV Video app features episodes of top titles, including popular characters such as Charlie, Billy BamBam and the Cuddlies, with new content being added on a monthly basis.

BabyTV Video is available in a choice of 14 languages. The BabyTV Video app is available from the App Store, for $3.99 / month and with a 7-day free trial.

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