LG Mobile Documentary Thumbs

LG Mobile Documentary Thumbs

LG Mobile has announced the upcoming release of “Thumbs,” the new texting documentary that chronicles the race to LG’s 2010 National Texting Championship.

In celebration of the documentary’s television debut, LG treated audiences in New York and Los Angeles to a theatrical sneak peek of the texting exposé scheduled to premiere on MTV on Friday, August 19th at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT.

Providing an exclusive look at the growing phenomenon of texting among today’s youth, the premieres brought industry influencers and texting enthusiasts together for an in-depth look at the fast-paced world of texting and its rising popularity.

Documenting the texting lives and habits of six teens from across the country, “Thumbs” delivers an investigative look at the elaborate world of teenage texters and the integral role mobile phones have come to play in day-to-day communication.

“Supporting the ‘Thumbs’ documentary allowed LG a unique opportunity to give today’s texters a voice while providing an up-close look at the way texting has undeniably changed the way we communicate,” said Carl Brown, director of Trade Marketing for LG Mobile Phones.

“Texting is at the heart of how MTV’s Millennial audience communicates every single day of their lives,” said Chris Linn, executive VP Programming for MTV. “‘Thumbs’ not only focuses on the competition at the LG National Texting Championship, but also takes viewers behind-the-scenes to reveal exactly how empowering and important this form of communication has become.”

“Thumbs” debuted for the first time in New York earlier this month to a crowd of local media and film industry insiders.

Following the “Thumbs” New York premiere, a West Coast audience of Hollywood movers and shakers were invited to screen the documentary and attend a private reception at The Spare Room in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where attendees were given the chance to meet the documentary’s producers and ask questions regarding the inspiration behind the film.

In the picture above: THUMBS director Bill Couturié celebrates with LG National Texting Championship alums at the screening of THUMBS on August 4th in New York City.

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