Pirate’s Playground

Pirate’s Playground

Mom-entrepreneur Nicole Brook has created a children’s book series that invites readers into the world of Abigail Andrews, a third grader whose imagination sends her on amazing adventures.

Nicole Brook

Nicole Brook

Each adventure is full of fun and suspense and serves as a tool to help children 7 to 10 years of age improve their reading and comprehension skills at home or at school with available novel study programs.

In Brook’s first book “Pirate’s Playground,” readers follow Abby as she goes from playing on her playground to battling pirates in just a blink of an eye! She becomes the holder of a powerful sword, which leads her on a quest to save a little boy in a world of deadly pirates.

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The adventure continues in “Magical Doctor’s Office,” Brook’s second Abby adventure. A visit to the doctor’s office turns into a magical adventure for “Princess” Abby who gets to test her magic against a powerful witch.

Magical Doctor’s Office

Magical Doctor’s Office

Each book in The Amazing Adventures of Abigail Andrews series has two different novel study programs that were developed by a teacher with 30 years’ experience in Grade Three Language Arts as well as differentiated learning styles.

Teachers can use a novel study program in a classroom and parents can bring home a study program for their grade 2 -3 children.

National Contest: Children between the ages of 5 and 12 have the opportunity to be a character in the next book to be released in spring 2015.

The Amazing Adventures of Abigail Andrews series is available at Amazon.ca and Chapters/Indigo for soft cover. E-books are available on Amazon, iTunes, Kindle or directly from the website.

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