Stop the Secrets that Hurt video series

Stop the Secrets that Hurt video series

The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation in conjunction with Wonder Media has announced the launch of the “Stop the Secrets that Hurt” educational animated video series. The launch of this program is part of an ongoing national campaign to combat the prevalence of child sexual abuse and to promote awareness and prevention.

The “Stop the Secrets that Hurt” video series builds upon the success of the “Protect Yourself Rules” program, which provides animated video content and ancillary learning material to schools and after-school programs throughout the United States and over 1.2 million Cub Scouts across the country through a partnership with The Boy Scouts of America.

“With the rapid rise of technology and the Internet, we are now facing unprecedented levels of child abuse and exploitation across the globe,” said Director and CEO of the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation, John Thoresen. “To tackle this increasingly alarming epidemic, we have launched ‘Stop the Secrets that Hurt’ animated video series to empower youth to disclose abuse – holding perpetrators of these acts accountable.”

The program has been developed and scripted by child advocates, therapists, and national scholars. The video series is intended for youth of any age. Unlike the “Protect Your Rules” program, this series is designed for those young people who have already suffered the trauma of sexual abuse but fear disclosing their experiences.

The series explores emotions surrounding abuse, how to come forward to a trusted adult and what happens in the immediate aftermath. Additionally, the series explains the positive effect of disclosure.

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