The decoration products made by the children of RMN Foundation school.

The decoration products made by the children of RMN Foundation school.

In an effort to identify India’s best student innovators, Atal Tinkering Labs of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) of government-controlled NITI Aayog, organized an Atal Tinkering Marathon. The announcement was made today to mark the National Technology Day (May 11).

It is a six month long nationwide challenge across six different thematic areas: clean energy, water resources, waste management, healthcare, smart mobility, and agri-tech.

From over 650 innovations received, top 100 were shortlisted based on novelty and prototype functionality. There 100 teams were then given a month to further refine their prototypes and rework their presentations.

Following this, their innovations were judged by a panel of judges including industry and academia experts to select the top 30 innovations, which have been identified from 20 different States and Union Territories from across India.

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These innovations and their prizes will be announced by Rajiv Kumar, Vice-Chairman, NITI Aayog.

Atal Tinkering Labs under the Atal Innovation Mission of NITI Aayog, is based on the philosophy that incentives and prize awards are a great beginning to create an exponential wave of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst school children.

The ATL Student Innovator Program is an effort to institutionalize a mechanism, where high school students can work with university incubators to pursue their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas along with their education.

The goal is to drive extensive forward and backward linkages within the stakeholders in India, to create a paradigm shift in the student mindset and prepare them to become young innovators and entrepreneurs.

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