Super Sproutlet Show

Super Sproutlet Show

The 24-hour preschool television channel Sprout will premiere The Super Sproutlet Show – an interactive two-hour block of programming designed to help preschoolers and their families recognize the importance of healthy living – on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

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Airing daily at 2:00 p.m. ET, The Super Sproutlet Show is hosted by LazyTown’s larger-than-life action hero Sportacus, and Sprout’s newest original character Bean, a young girl who lives in the real world and bikes across the country with her “Bean Pod” finding everyday “Sproutlets” (i.e. preschoolers) who are being super active, healthy and kind to the earth.

On The Super Sproutlet Show, Sportacus flies his airship over towns all across the country to find Sproutlets who are living healthy lifestyles, while Bean, a 12-year-old, blue-haired, spunky “superhero in training” seeks out these Sproutlets with her “Sprout Spotter” watch.

She surprises Sproutlets who are being “super” with capes, crowns and shields only a Super Sproutlet can wear. During all of her adventures, she checks in with both Sportacus and the Mayor of LazyTown, Mayor Meanswell.

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