Wall Art: New Illustrated World Map for Kids

Wall Art: New Illustrated World Map for Kids

Parents looking to provide their children with an educational – yet stylish – edge have a new option in room decoration: Rand McNally’s Illustrated Map of the World.

The new 50-by 32-inch world map features vibrant colors, graphics and key points of interest.

Continents are color coded; capitals, major cities and main bodies of water are highlighted to provide additional points of reference.

All of this creates fun yet useful wall art for a child’s bedroom, a playroom, or even a classroom.

According to a number of studies from the past 20 years, children as young as preschoolers have the ability to begin thinking about the world spatially.

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Looking at, playing with, and reading maps are important skills that children can use to develop their spatial skills as well as locate places in the world.

While digital mapping, GPS, and online programs abound, having a printed map in a visible location also can help kids to absorb locations and get a sense of place.

If parents want to go further, they can use the Illustrated Map of the World for more hands-on learning. The featured landmarks, vegetation and animals of different countries are perfect for a game of I-Spy. And children can start learning cardinal directions by using the map legend.

At home, the clean white border and bright, contemporary colors of the map make it suitable for framing. The map is printed on extra-durable paper, says the company.

The Illustrated Map of the World is available for $29.99.

Rand McNally offers maps, navigation, and travel content.

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