Apps for Children

Apps for Children

This is about IMP (International Masters Publishers) Interactive’s Kids Learning Apps: a set of three products from the company for kids’ learning.

These are aimed to enhance reading, speaking and counting skills with Great Bible Adventures, Monster Facts and The World of Fairytales – the latest products from IMP Interactive, a publishing house.

IMP is offering three different Apps for children:

  • Great Bible Adventures, an app that imparts moral values to kids in an interactive and engaging manner, through bible stories that make learning important life lessons easy and fun.
  • Monsterfacts brings nature’s scariest monsters thrillingly to life with stunning illustrations and clear, factual text and also promises to teach the kids a thing or two along the way.
  • The World of Fairytales that offers a charming series of the classic fairy tales along with some enchanting surprises.

The Apps have been specifically created keeping in mind the psychology and learning of children, says the company.

These Apps are supposed encourage children to improve their learning skills by interacting via their smartphones or iPads.

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