National Children's Alliance

National Children's Alliance

Throughout the month of April, National Children’s Alliance (NCA) and its thousands of members and supporters across the U.S. are bringing much needed attention to the issue of child abuse intervention and prevention as the country recognizes National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

According to NCA, child abuse is a national tragedy and a silent killer warranting the attention of Federal and state governments, as well as the general public.

In 2010 alone, it says, an estimated 695,000 children were victims of abuse, with an estimated of 1,560 children dying from abuse in this same year. However, due to inconsistent reporting, it is estimated that this number may be even higher.

NCA, along with the over 750 children’s advocacy centers across the country that comprise its membership, is calling on local communities to speak up for these victims and to act on their behalf to prevent further tragedy.

As the national organization and accrediting body for children’s advocacy centers across the country, National Children’s Alliance recognizes the importance of awareness raising and community education surrounding the subject of child abuse.

In an effort to share best practices and recognize those organizations stepping up on behalf of children, National Children’s Alliance will highlight National Child Abuse Prevention Month efforts during the month of April on a special web page dedicated to the cause –

“We ask our fellow citizens to educate themselves on the signs of abuse and help call attention to this national issue by supporting local child abuse intervention and prevention organizations throughout the month of April and year-round,” said Teresa Huizar, executive director of NCA.

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