"Fight For Your Write" Highlights Benefits of Writing

“Fight For Your Write” Highlights Benefits of Writing

BIC, a leading manufacturer of writing instruments, is introducing, “Fight For Your Write,” a new initiative to energize parents and educators about the importance of writing and its continued benefits for children.

“Writing is an essential tool for learning,” said Pam Allyn, Fight For Your Write spokesperson. “The practice of writing helps with learning letters and shapes, and can improve idea composition, expression and fine motor-skill development – all important foundations for future success.”

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According to Allyn, writing fosters children’s emotional growth, helps develop critical thinking skills and improves academic achievement.

In support of the mission, BIC has launched a website, which offers information about the importance of writing and provides parents with ideas and activities to encourage writing in their home.

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BIC has also partnered with AdoptAClassroom.org, a not-for-profit organization with the mission to increase student success by empowering teachers and providing them with resources for their classrooms.

“BIC’s campaign really shines a light on the importance of writing in our lives, and also gives schools the tools they need to join in our crusade,” added Allyn.

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