An Anti-Bullying Discussion

An Anti-Bullying Discussion

A children’s television show hosted this month a panel of anti-bullying experts, which included a representative from nonprofit Committee for Children, creators of the Steps to Respect bullying prevention curriculum that recently showed positive effects on bullying behaviors in a randomized controlled trial.

The panel’s discussion is presented in a 5-part video series titled “Happy to Be Me: An Anti-Bullying Discussion,” and is available to parents on the Sesame Street website and YouTube Channel, along with other anti-bullying resources.

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Committee for Children program developer Mia Doces, M.Ed., served on the panel, which was moderated by Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, vice president of education and research at Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization that produces Sesame Street.

The panel also included Dr. Catherine Bradshaw of Johns Hopkins Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence; Trudy Ludwig, author, My Secret Bully; Dr. Joseph Wright, MD, MPH, Children’s National Medical Center; and Dr. Jamie Ostrov, SUNY Buffalo.

“We’re all working toward the same goal: a world in which children can be safe from bullying,” says Doces, “So it made sense to collaborate with experts who reach children and families in different contexts of their lives. Whether it’s at school, at the doctor’s office, or at home, we all strive to send the messages and teach the skills that can help parents and children deal with bullying.”

Dr. Truglio convened the panel to coincide with a special Sesame Street episode in which Big Bird is bullied by another bird and learns what he can do to stop it. It was announced by the Committee for Children on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

Committee for Children is the world’s leading provider of educational programs that teach skills to prevent bullying, violence, and child sexual abuse.

In the picture above: Sesame Workshop’s expert anti-bullying panel, left to right: Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, Dr. Joseph Wright, Rosita, Mia Doces, Dr. Catherine Bradshaw, Big Bird, Dr. Jamie Ostrov, Bluebird, and Trudy Ludwig.

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