Priya Dua

Priya Dua

Priya Dua has created a simple equation to preserve the planet’s habitats, species and resources for generations to come. Her campaign titled “Stand for the Planet” consists of the adoption of one hundred square feet of endangered rainforest for every pair of her “Chipkos” sold.

Since the company’s founding in early 2011, Chipkos has preserved millions of square feet of land in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, according to Chipkos Footwear.

“Math is a tool to solve real life problems. With over 50% of our rainforests gone, protecting these habitats is a real problem that needs a solution,” says the former Richmond, California math teacher, Priya Dua. “The best part of our movement is that it is growing exponentially every day.”

Chipkos takes inspiration from the eighteenth century Chipko Movement, which was one of the first group environmental efforts. The term Chipko (sanskrit: to stick or embrace) was coined because the indigenous villagers protected land by literally attaching themselves to trees. This is also the origin of the term ‘treehugger’.

Chipkos Sandals are inspired by Osho chappals, which first became popular in the 1960s’ ashram scene of India. Chipkos are produced with environmentally friendly materials and are available for men and women in multiple colors, the company says.

Chipkos Footwear is stated to be an eco-friendly footwear line that protects one hundred square feet of the rainforest per product purchased.

Chipkos was founded by Priya Dua (pictured above) who currently resides in Los Angeles.

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