My Little Baby Game

My Little Baby Game

The My Little Baby game is now available for download and play on Intel Atom tablets for Android.

For people who want a baby, or miss having a young baby, this baby-caring game allows players to care for and play with a young baby directly on an Android tablet. The virtual baby laughs, cries, plays and squeals with joy as a real young baby would.

Players can see just what caring for a real baby can be like, since the My Little Baby game involves diaper-changing, dressing, bathing, shopping, cooking meals and rocking the baby to sleep.

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Plus, players can teach their baby to speak, crawl and walk. The game features four growing stages and items to buy for the baby including toys and clothes.

TREVA Entertainment GmbH and its development partner Raylight S.r.l. optimized My Little Baby for the high resolution screen and touch interface of Intel Atom tablets for Android.

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Players can interact and play with their baby by touching the screen. The developers accessed Intel tools, code, support and more from the Intel Developer Zone in order to create a life-like baby game.

“For anyone who wants a baby, or simply wants to know what it’s like to care for one, My Little Baby is a wonderful game,” said Daniela Grebe, producer of TREVA Entertainment GmbH.

My Little Baby is now available for download on Google Play.

TREVA Entertainment GmbH is a German-based company that creates youth and family games for a variety of platforms.

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