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Kellogg’s Program

Kellogg’s is making a difference by sharing breakfast with children in need. The company says moms and dads know that it is essential to giving kids the start they need to help unlock their potential. But not every child gets this important start to their day. In fact, nearly one in five children across the U.S. goes without breakfast every day.

That’s why Kellogg’s, and their in-school partner Action For Healthy Kids, have partnered with Taye Diggs for the third annual Share Breakfast program.

Together, they are making it easy for families to help share one million breakfasts with kids who might otherwise go without.

“The Kellogg’s program is very personal and important to me. My mom was a teacher, and taught me at an early age that eating a good breakfast was key to succeeding in school,” said Diggs. “Even now, from being on set to playing with my son, eating breakfast gives me the energy I need to start the day right, and keep going.”

“So many children rely on the national School Breakfast Program to get it every day. Without it, many at-risk children would not get breakfast at all,” said Action for Healthy Kids CEO Rob Bisceglie. “The Kellogg’s program helps raise awareness while also allowing more children to have access.”

Visit to learn about all the ways families can get involved.

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