Kidstir Service

Kidstir Service

Kidstir, a Los Angeles-based company, launched Tuesday a subscription service for monthly, home-delivered cooking kits that provide hands-on food adventures for children.

A brainchild of Aparna Pande, Kidstir is focused on building a content and e-commerce platform to help parents engage, educate, and empower children when it comes to good food.

“I was inspired to start Kidstir to help other parents provide their kids with critical life skills around cooking and eating – all while having fun as a family,” said Aparna Pande, CEO and founder of Kidstir.

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According to the company, Kidstir cooking kits are designed to inspire curiosity and support a shift in awareness around the importance of fresh ingredients and nutritious cooking.

The kits take a broad view of food education and fun, covering everything from food selection, origins, cooking, sharing and appreciation.

They are stated to be appropriate for children ages 5-10, an age where children are actively developing food preferences, attitudes, habits, and skills.

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Each Kidstir subscription begins with a welcome kit. It includes a graphic cookbook that can be personalized with the child’s name, fun activity pages, delicious real-food recipes, whimsical kid-friendly utensils or ingredients, and chapter dividers that set the stage for building out the cookbook throughout the course of the subscription.

Each subsequent monthly kit is designed around a chapter of the cookbook, such as Breakfast or Snacks. Subscriptions are $19.95 per month, with free shipping. Gift options are also available, says the company.

Launched in 2014 by Aparna Pande, Kidstir aims to spark the love for good food in kids.

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