Medical Aid for Poor Children

Medical Aid for Poor Children

Purdue Pharma, a pharmaceutical company, donates vital medical antiseptic to Children International, a U.S.-based humanitarian organization that helps poor children around the world.

Purdue Pharma has donated one freight container of Betadine Microbicides solution, which is used in the home as a cleanser to prevent skin infections from minor cuts and burns, as well as a pre-surgical cleanser in hospitals.

The antiseptic is stated to be helpful in developing countries where Children International works in which good hygienic conditions are difficult to maintain and infections are common.

Physicians working in Children International’s medical clinics in the slums and barrios of Chile and Honduras will use the antiseptic in the care of over 40,000 children.

Medical supplies such as Betadine are routinely used in medical clinics and pharmacies by Children International in 11 countries operated. The charity maintains over 80 clinics and pharmacies, which provide over 340,000 poor children with free medical care and medicines.

Children International president and CEO Jim Cook said, “We are grateful to Purdue Pharma for its commitment to impoverished children. Its generous donation will make a significant difference in the overall health of the children we serve.”

Established in 1936, Children International is a humanitarian organization with its headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

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