Children International

Children International

Children International’s 2013 Youth Report is available beginning today, August 12, International Youth Day.

The report explains how Children International’s youth programs, with community centers at the core, measurably change outcomes for impoverished youth.

The majority of the world’s 1.7 billion young people ages 10 to 24 live in developing countries – many in extreme poverty where they routinely confront threats to their personal safety and progress.

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Without positive intervention like Children International’s successful youth programs, these at-risk youth can remain trapped in an intergenerational cycle of poverty, believes the humanitarian organization.

“The 2013 Youth Report results make it clear that these programs are working, providing youth with tools they need to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty that can so easily keep people in its grip,” says Jim Cook, president of Children International.

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Its youth programs focus on four key elements based on best practices and USAID’s youth development policy: support, protect, prepare and engage.

The 2013 Youth Report explains how the programs address the issues that plague these communities – from gangs to drugs, disease, environmental hazards, human trafficking and discriminatory social and cultural practices.

Photo courtesy: Children International

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