Punjabi Learning Website

Punjabi Learning Website

The website elearnPunjabi primarily targets children of Punjabi origin wishing to learn Punjabi. It also can help foreigners who want to have some working knowledge of Punjabi. The elearnPunjabi project has been financed by Punjab School Education Board.

The site follows communicative language teaching methodology to emulate the real world as closely as possible. It uses interactive multimedia tools and video lectures shot in studio and outdoors.

The course material is mainly in the form of video lectures of 10-15 minutes duration. Besides teaching Punjabi language, the site also provides cultural information about Punjab and Punjabi.

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Besides video lecture, each lesson has multiple choice quiz, vocabulary of the terms used in the lecture and downloadable audio and printed material which the student can listen or read.

At the end of the course, the student is supposed to develop enough listening and speaking skills in Punjabi to take part in basic Punjabi conversation.

The elearnPunjabi site suggests that the learners also will be able read and write email in Punjabi as well as chat and post social media messages in Punjabi.

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