Sleepy Baby

Sleepy Baby

Lighting Science Group Corporation has released a new Sleepy Baby LED lamp.

Building on the proprietary technology underlying its Good Night lamp, the Sleepy Baby light delivers a patented, biologically corrected light source for use during your baby’s nightly bedtime routine, sending natural signals to promote sleep and child wellness, says the company.

Most traditional, indoor lighting provides far too much light, specifically the “blue sky” wavelength, at night and too little light during the day, which can prevent infants, and their parents, from getting a good night’s rest.

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Placing the Sleepy Baby lamp next to your baby’s crib eliminates the blue light that signals the body to stay awake. With this specific blue light gone, your infant’s body begins producing melatonin – a natural, much-needed hormone for sleep.

Using science and technology originally developed in collaboration with NASA to help regulate the sleep and wake cycles of astronauts on the International Space Station, this light enables your child to regulate his or her circadian rhythm naturally and obtain a healthful night’s rest, says the company.

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“As a scientist, and the father of an infant myself, it was important to me to develop a biologically correct LED lamp that could benefit my family,” stated Robert Soler, director of Lighting Research at Lighting Science Group.

Lighting Science Group Corporation (OTCQB:LSCG) offers LED lighting solutions for consumer, professional and retail applications.

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