Imagination Zoo

Imagination Zoo

Imagination Zoo is a new painting application that allows children to design their own creatures and share them with friends from around the world. These animals move, make sounds, and travel, just like real animals.

Benesse Corporation, Inc. has made available this new application for parents who want to enjoy the iPhone 4 with their children. The iPad version is also available.

Follow these steps to enjoy Imagination Zoo:

  • Select your favorite patterns from the template list and use the crayon tool to color the chosen pattern. A choice of 12 colors allows for an endless variety of mixed and overlapping colors. 
  • If you tilt your iPhone upwards, multiple parts such as diagrams, tools, and jewels will fall into your screen. Take your pick and decorate your animal.
  • When you’re done creating your animal, register its name, record its sound, and it’s ready to be unleashed. Some animals can fly while others can swim.
  • You can also see other imaginative animals made by kids from all over the world. Seeing so many other creatively designed animals will inspire children to let their imaginations run wild and go back to the drawing board to create a new animal.
  • Created animals can be saved onto a list and be retrieved at anytime.

Here’s the link:

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