A “virtual science playground,” the Mad Science Kids Club offers children a science-based platform for connecting, exploring and learning with peers online through science enrichment programs.

The Mad Science Group has launched the network (http://www.madsciencekidsclub.com) using online safety platform Everloop. It is claimed to be the first-ever science social network platform created specifically for kids.

Science Kids Club

Science Kids Club

The club offers applications including:

Lab Rat: A panel of experts answers kids’ real science questions

Science Zone: Offers kids and parents fun, do-at-home science experiments

Brain Busters: Brain teasers, puzzles, and optical illusions

Around the Word: An online kids’ book club

In addition, the club gives kids an array of social media features including real-time communications: Instant Messaging (IM); email; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a Skype-like application for kids; a friend post stream where kids can share their favorite content including videos, music, and photos; a robust game arcade and more.

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“We are so thrilled to launch the Mad Science Kids Club, furthering our mission to spark children’s imagination and provide them with a tangible, fun and highly interactive way to extend their experience with science outside of the classroom,” said Kathy Muloin, president of The Mad Science Group.

“We are pleased to partner with Everloop in this effort – a full-featured, expressive platform known for its expertise in online safety – so we can offer parents a fun, and safe, social medium for their children that also promotes science enrichment.”

With live performances in schools, camps, homes, theme parks, and performing arts centers, The Mad Science Group says it has developed over 200 hours of original content, with thousands of unique interactive experiences.

The company delivers its brand of fun science through a network of over 200 locations in 29 countries; two children’s science-based magazines, KNOW and Yes Mag; and through its own production unit, Mad Science Productions.

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