UNICEF Launches ‘Ek Star Aisa Bhi’ Series in India

UNICEF Launches ‘Ek Star Aisa Bhi’ Series in India

UNICEF recently launched an online campaign with #babiesneedyou that champions the cause of Mission Indradhanush by imploring responsible parents to follow full immunisation plan for their children.

To continue the ongoing communication efforts that could save more than 400,000 babies every year in India, UNICEF has initiated the ‘Ek Star Aisa Bhi’ series.

The series consists of 4 videos that aim to celebrate the role of frontline workers and other change makers who are the cornerstones of India’s immunisation programme, believed to be the largest in the world.

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The first video features the story of Pooranchandra, a dedicated auto driver, who is one of the many drivers registered under the Government’s Alternate Vaccine Delivery System (AVDS) in Odisha.

Every morning, Pooran makes a trip to the health centre where he loads his auto with vaccines and other supplies, before setting off on an ‘Immunisation Mission’ in his Teekakaran Express.

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The AVDS is an innovative programme intervention that makes use of community-based organisations and civil society members like Pooranchandra, in order to establish a robust system of vaccine delivery, especially to increase immunisation coverage in areas that are conventionally considered as ‘difficult to reach’.

The second video highlights the contribution of India’s frontline health workers – the ASHAs who traverse through difficult terrains so that full-immunisation becomes accessible to all, including children living in remote areas.

One such devoted ASHA volunteer is Asrita from Jharkhand. Apart from being a critical link in the country’s health delivery system, she plays an integral role in changing the mindset of the skeptics by communicating the message of science and dispelling the various myths and misconceptions that prevent parents from giving their children the best start in life.

She is supported in her efforts by many community based workers such as ANMs and Panchayat leaders who also work to ensure that every child in the village receives life-enhancing vaccines for a healthier and brighter future.

Two more videos as a part of the dynamic cluster are to follow soon. According to UNICEF, the promos are being released every Thursday on Zee Network.

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