RMN Foundation Free Schools for Deserving Children

RMN Foundation Free Schools for Deserving Children

Course: Application of Economics to Achieve Human Equality

Based on Constructive Education Framework developed by RMN Foundation for its schools that provide free modern education to deserving students.


In addition to teaching English, Arithmetic, and Technology to its students, RMN Foundation is now introducing Economics as a new subject which is part of its innovative Constructive Education Framework.

As a pedagogy principle at RMN Foundation Schools, the focus of the economics subject will also be on its application – particularly, the application of economics to achieve human equality. All the students of the School are encouraged to learn, understand, and apply economics to help build an egalitarian society where all people are equal and enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

What Is Economics?

In most schools and academic institutions, economics is taught as a mere subject that deals with production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. However, there is an important dimension of economics that helps you study and analyze human behaviour toward the fulfillment of their needs and wants.

Economics has failed to deliver favorable results because most economists ignore the human behaviour aspect of economics. This is evident from the growing inequality and widening rich-poor divide in almost all the economies of the world. That is why economics is also referred to as a “Dismal Science,” a concept which suggests that population will always grow faster than food. And, in turn, this will bring unending poverty, starvation, and struggle for survival for billions of people on earth.

Economics can and should help you overcome this perpetual predicament if it is studied in relation to human instincts, systems of governance in a particular economy, and evolving demand-supply mechanisms for human capital development.

The Course

The subject “Application of Economics to Achieve Human Equality” is an original subject conceptualized by RMN Foundation School teacher Rakesh Raman, who is a government award-winning journalist and writer. The course will help students learn contemporary concepts of economics for today’s fast-paced world.

The course will blend modern economics with its traditional branches such as microeconomics and macroeconomics.

It will be extremely useful for students who have some basic understanding of economics and those who want to extend their knowledge domain to this important subject that is supposed to deal with human survival and evolution.

Most students know that it is extremely difficult to understand economics through the conventional learning that they undergo at schools and colleges. That is why they fail to get right jobs in the fields that demand the true knowledge of economics.

The free Economics course – along with other subjects of Constructive Education Framework of RMN Foundation School – will help students gain sufficient knowledge to enter competitive job market and build their careers effectively.

Main Topics in the Economics Course Developed by RMN Foundation

  • Concept of Scarcity

  • Needs and Wants Study

  • Consumer Behaviour vs. Human Behaviour

  • Challenges and Policies to Build an Egalitarian Society

  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Transitions

  • Politico-Economic Theories

  • Evolution of Demand-Supply Paradigms

  • Comparative Analyses of Developed and Developing Economies

  • Enterprise and National Resource Planning

  • Role of Technology in Economics

  • Market Intelligence

  • Field Interactions

Jobs for Students

After completing the course successfully at RMN Foundation School, the students will find it easier to get good jobs in the social sector, civil society organizations, government planning departments, CSR departments of big corporations, and they will be able to apply the learning to set up their own businesses.

Prerequisites for the Course: Complete Knowledge of English Language

Your study of economics is incomplete and will not help you in your career if you cannot use it in English. RMN Foundation Schools teach professional English along with other subjects free of charge.

For further details, please contact:

Rakesh Raman

RMN Foundation is an educational and public charitable Trust registered with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi at New Delhi, India.

Website: www.rmnfoundation.org

You also can download the information given above.

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