Raman’s Tech Tale Series

Raman’s Tech Tale Series

Raman Media Network (RMN), a diversified content creation and management company, has released its new book under the “Raman’s Tech Tale Series: Knowledge Stories for Children” brand.

Raman’s Tech Tale Series is an innovative storybook concept that aims to educate children in the high-tech area of information and communications technology (ICT) through interesting stories.

“These are normal stories originally written for children’s edutainment. The content mainly targets children in the age group of 6 – 12 years,” said Rakesh Raman, Chief Dreamer, Raman Media Network. He has also written the stories for these books.

Each book in the series will also act as a catalyst to achieve the larger objective of ‘bridging the digital divide.’ As efforts are being made all over the world to take the technology benefits to the masses or the underprivileged sections of society, these books will empower people to take a step in that direction.

The books will supplement the conventional technology education in various schools.

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The present book – which has 10 stories – covers 10 different technology applications such as satellite communications, electronic mail, computer-based surveillance, video conferencing, computer simulation, digital walk-through, video-on-demand, Internet chat, robotics and e-learning.

A hallmark of the books in this series is that they can be adapted for stage shows by children, TV programmes for children, and short-format movies.

“We hope that our pioneering attempt to produce this educative literature for children will be suitably encouraged by teachers as well as parents. And our books in this series will be introduced as an important knowledge resource for children,” said Raman.

All books in the Raman’s Tech Tale Series will be equally useful for children in all parts of the world.

With a price tag of Rs. 150 in India and US$ 5 in the other global markets, the new book is released today, July 22, for sale in the market.

Digital excerpts of the book:

Recently, the company has launched a dedicated edutainment (education and entertainment) Website (RMN Kids) for children, their parents, and teachers. The site address: http://www.rmnkids.com/

Digital excerpts of other RMN books for children:

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Raman Media Network (RMN) Company is a privately held venture, working in diversified content creation, management, and distribution businesses on a global scale. While content for the mass markets is the backbone of its operations, it is building allied businesses around multiple content streams.

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