Digital Kids

Digital Kids

Touch-screen technology is everywhere and it comes as no surprise that today’s children are practically born digital. It’s second nature for even the youngest children to pick up a smart device and instinctively navigate to find their favorite, age-appropriate apps, believes Fisher-Price.

As parents try to help their children find a healthy balance between traditional and tech play, one thing is for certain…this growing trend isn’t slowing down any time soon.

In 2011, Fisher-Price, the leading maker of infant and preschool toys and Mattel’s top brand, took an innovative approach to integrating “app-cessories” into its product line by creating the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for iPhone and iPod touch devices to protect parents’ coveted devices from babies’ dribble and drool.

The Apptivity Case, appropriate for children ages six months+, was developed in conjunction with free Laugh & Learn apps to enable infants to experience their favorite Laugh & Learn characters, like the beloved Puppy, in a new, engaging format.

To help kick off its new 2012 app-cessory products, Fisher-Price has released a few “Just Like Mom and Dad” photos— including shots of father and son and mother and daughter tapping away at tablets and smartphones in a local coffee shop. The children’s devices were protected by Fisher-Price Apptivity cases.

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