The Read Conmigo bilingual literacy campaign, sponsored by Infinity Auto Insurance, announces a new campaign to help parents prevent summer reading skill loss.
Read Conmigo Literacy Campaign

Read Conmigo Literacy Campaign

Read Conmigo has created a list of summer reading tips for parents and students:

  1. Make sharing books together a consistent part of your family fun this summer.
  2. Set a good example by reading your own books in front of your children.
  3. Create a summer reading list with your child. Many schools and libraries offer lists by grade level.
  4. Read aloud to your child, and have them read aloud back to you.
  5. Let your child select books and topics that are especially of interest to them.
  6. Read and discuss books about your planned summer activities (camping, swimming, sports).
  7. Pack books and take them along on summer trips and outings together.
  8. Encourage your child to keep a “Summer Reading Journal” and write about the books they read.
  9. Praise your child upon completion of a reading assignment or a reading challenge during the summer.
  10. Share your favorite books from your own childhood with your kids.

Parents participating in the Read Conmigo Summer Reading Academy can register their children for the online “Create a Story” contest at to win a Kindle Fire for their home.

A jury will select contest winners in August, right before back-to-school. The free Read Conmigo Summer Reading Kit is available at select Infinity Auto Insurance locations all summer long (visit to find a location near you where you can pick up a free Summer Reading Kit).

“As we celebrate Read Conmigo’s one-year anniversary, Infinity Auto Insurance is proud to join forces with School Boards, teachers, parents, community leaders and your local Infinity agents to help prevent summer reading loss and promote reading at home,” said Greg Fasking, VP of Consumer Marketing at Infinity Auto Insurance, the company sponsoring the Read Conmigo bilingual literacy campaign.

Read Conmigo, sponsored by Infinity Auto Insurance, is a parent-focused bilingual literacy campaign that encourages Hispanic parents to read to their children at home through the distribution of free English-Spanish children’s books.

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