Discovery Familia Series Doki

Discovery Familia Series Doki

Discovery Familia invites young viewers to join an adventure that celebrates the spirit of exploration and inspires a yearning to discover the world.

Led by Doki, the network’s popular host, and his friends, the new series Doki will air Monday through Friday at 5:30PM E/ 2:30PM P, starting Nov. 11.

For Doki, Fico, Oto, Anabella, Mundi and Gabi, any day can be the start of an exciting expedition.

To find the answers to questions about subjects such as science, nature, art and music, the six friends climb aboard their plane and set out on fun adventures that lead them to new lands, peoples and cultures.

Whether it’s finding out where silk comes from, how gravity works, what a time zone is or whether there is light at the bottom of the ocean, nothing can stop these intrepid explorers as they travel to the depths of the sea, the summit of Everest or beyond the Earth itself to the International Space Station in search of knowledge.

“The decision to give Doki and his friends their own series is the best indication of the character’s success in reaching our audience,” said Bilai Joa Silar, VP of Content, Discovery Familia.

“Like all of our programming, the Doki series has been created to prep children for the world around them by sparking curiosity and encouraging independent thinking, while preserving the Spanish language from a young age.”

The series reflects preschoolers’ natural tendency toward curiosity and motivates them to use their imagination. It teaches basic concepts in such subjects as biology, astronomy, geography, art and music while inspiring children to ask questions about their daily lives, solve problems and not let obstacles discourage them from their goals.

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And to make the experience even more complete, Discovery Familia has created the microsite, with information about the series’ characters, games and videos.

Discovery Familia Series Doki

Discovery Familia Series Doki

Part of Discovery Communications, Discovery Familia is a Spanish-language channel dedicated to Hispanic mothers and the things that matter in their lives: their children, their homes and their time.

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