Children Summer Adventure Camp

Children Summer Adventure Camp

Southern Command Children Summer Adventure Camp 2019 was organized at Mount Abu from 27 May to 03 June 2019. The eight-day camp was conducted under the aegis of 8 MADRAS Battalion of Battle Axe Division. This camp offers opportunity to the participating children to instill a spirit of adventurism and personality development.

Around 125 children from units of entire Southern Command of Indian Army subscribed to attend the camp. During their stay in camp children enthusiastically participate in various indoor and outdoor activities, including trekking, caving, boating, various games, and competitions.

The camp provides opportunities to explore the nature, make new friends, develop new and diverse interests and create lasting memories. The organizers of the camp also intend to motivate the children towards adoption of new hobbies, shouldering responsibilities, goal setting and achieving the same. Towards that, various activities like introduction to yoga and meditation techniques, lectures on safety, security and social graces are also conducted.

This camp is conducted every year by Army at Mount Abu during the summer vacations of children, providing them a platform of learning and adventure coupled with fun and frolic.

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