Kidaptive Parent's Pad

Kidaptive Parent’s Pad

Parent’s Pad, an assessment tool designed to deliver feedback on preschoolers’ learning, was launched today by educational technology company Kidaptive.

Parent’s Pad integrates with Leo’s Pad, an iPad app that combines a series of animated educational stories with activities that customize learning to a child’s ability.

According to the company, the new Parent’s Pad will analyze learners’ results using over 70 learning dimensions and will offer parents insights on how to help their child become a better learner.

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Each Leo’s Pad “appisode,” or animated story, is a preschool-friendly cartoon interwoven with games designed by educational researchers to create measurable learning experiences.

The activities in the app automatically measure responses and adjust in difficulty to create the optimal learning environment. Named “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes, Leo’s Pad is rendered in 3D animation.

The appisodes tell the story of eight-year-old Leonardo da Vinci, playfully reimagined on adventures with pals Galileo, Marie Curie, and other historical characters.

Kidaptive is the brainchild of CEO P.J. Gunsagar, a father of two and co-founder of Prana Studios, which creates animated movies such as the Tinker Bell series for DisneyToon Studios, says the company.

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